Created Dec 27, 2014

Timothy McCall Jr.

Black, Soldier, Law Enforcer, College Student and Proud Liberal in America more

Born in Mobile, Alabama I am the oldest son of two police officers; Elsie A. Boykin (Army-Ret.) and Tim McCall Sr. (USMC). I am a brother of two. I received my Pre-School, Elementary and High-School education in private schools and grew up in mostly rural and white populated areas. I was heavily introduced to religion as a young child until my college education years where I became more socially conscious of science, math, and race. I joined the United States Air Force in an effort to pay my way through college so upon completion my debt would be nullified or inconsequential. During the years of my service I was introduced to more cultures and people than I ever really gave thought to existing. As a soldier I understand the more Right-Wing way of thinking and the fact my origin was the deep south.......but my pursuit of education and diversity led me more to be on the side of Liberals. I saw the effects of the world as a soldier and the need for a more global community. I don't believe being a scientist and being a religious person are mutually exclusive its when you decide you have answers and question nothing is when you truly label and broadcast your ignorance.

I am a man for Gay Rights, Women's Rights, Social Equality, National Diligence, Education and Energy Autarchy


Shows Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Rachel Maddow Show

People Rachel Maddow, Ronan Farrow, Joy Reid

Issues Democrats, National Security, Society